Blood on the road Reply

The merge point of Fullers Road and Park Avenue in Chatswood has been labelled a death trap by residents. Photo: North Shore times

by Conor Nimmons

“It’s only a matter of time before somebody gets killed,” says Martin Harrison, who has been a resident of Fullers Road, Chatswood, for 15 years. Mr Harrison was speaking following an accident the previous weekend when a 14-year-old girl was involved in a car crash that sent her to a Children’s Hospital at Westmead with concussion.

Pat Reily, the Mayor of Willoughby City Council, has called for immediate action regarding what the locals call the Fullers Road Deathtrap. Six people were injured at the merge point at Park Avenue on a recent Sunday. Local residents are urging local council members to finalise a draft safety scheme for the stretch of road.

Just 24 hours after a major accident at the deathtrap site, Willoughby Council unveiled a resolution calling on the Roads and Maritime Services to finalise and distribute a Draft Safety Scheme for Fullers Road. But residents want action now. Martin Harrison continued his vehement attack on local government saying, “The name of the game is to get input and turn that into action”. Local residents hoped this scheme would prevent any possible casualties that could come about because of poorly maintained roads and highways.

It is now only a matter of time before the Council begins work on the treacherous merge point. But soon can’t come soon enough for some locals who are upset at the length of time that it has taken for the resolution to be passed

Mayor Reily is doing his utmost to settle the panic among the locals by ensuring that State members join in a bid to bring forward the Safety Scheme.


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