Jedi training takes place in Hornsby Reply

by Jui-Wei Yang

Light sabres at the ready as apprentice Jedis learn the ropes. Photo: Jui-Wei Yang

A Jedi training academy has opened in Hornsby, with a self-proclaimed Jedi master, as the head teacher.  He refers to himself as Jedi Master Eawan, a student of Jedi Master Yoda.

Within the Academy, Eawan and his female assistant  are dressed as the Jedi masters from the Hollywood series, Star Wars.  They each have a prop-like light sabre, the weapon Jedis use.

In class, they give students Jedi apprentice robes to wear and light sabre props like those used by a Jedi padawan or beginner Jedi apprentice.

Curiously, in the original Star Wars movies, Jedi knights use green or blue light sabres, but the students are given blue or red light sabres.  In the movies, red light sabres are only used by the Sith, a group of evil Jedi that use the dark side of the Force and are the sworn enemy of the Jedi knights on the good side of the Force.

In the beginning of a class, the students are asked to take the Jedi knight oath.  “A Jedi should use the Force, only to defend, never for attack.”

Then Eawan asks the students to try to move objects with their minds and to imagine they are moving a car using the Force, the source of a Jedi knight’s power.

Afterwards Ewan swings his light sabre around in a few cool moves that resemble the moves of the Jedi knights in the movies.  Then he teaches those moves to the students.

Actually, the academy was part of the Star Wars Jedi Training Experience presented by Westfield for local children in the April School holidays.

“It is very explosive,” said Mieral Lukacevic, the marketing executive of Westfield Hornsby.

“All of the elements in the Star Wars Jedi Training Experience have been approved by Lucasfilm, including the script for the Light Sabre Training Session.  We have a licensing agreement with Lucasfilm so these are official and genuine Star Wars events – the first of their kind in the world,” said Jason Sole, the director of Sole entertainment, which co-hosted the event.

“The Star Wars Jedi Training Experience was incredibly popular. Westfield reported that the experiences were among the busiest children’s events ever seen at Westfield,” he said

Hugh Barrington, who played Jedi Master Eawan, and Josephine Ison, who played his assistant, presented 10-minute Jedi training sessions at regular intervals from 11am to 2 pm for four days.   Apart from the Jedi training classes, there were also photo opportunities for the children to wear a Jedi robe and hold a light sabre.  There was also an artist who drew sketches of the children.

The Jedi Knights from the Star War movies are powerful monk-like super heroes who are capable of moving objects using their minds and the Force.  They are capable of sensing enemy attacks beforehand.  A light sabre is a type of sword with a laser blade that is capable of both attacking and deflecting enemy attacks.  Yoda is one of the wisest and most powerful Jedi.



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