Young Chinese singer provokes accusations of racism in China Reply

by Jui-Wei Yang

Entertainer Lou Jing’s appearance on Chinese reality television show created a storm of controversy.

A CNN report about racism in China, posted on Youtube in 2009, continues to cause great debate online about China’s attitude towards race and racism.

The report focuses on Lou Jing who has a Chinese mother and an African American father.  When Ms Jin appeared on the Chinese reality show ‘Let’s Go, Oriental Angels’, she was referred to as “chocolate girl” and “black pearl” by the show’s hosts.  The comments and Lou Jing’s appearance created a storm.  The Chinese media fixated on her skin colour, and repeated racists comments such as “She never should have been born” and “get out of China” that were launched against her online.

The CNN video received over 50,000 hits, with viewership from China ranking first.

The video’s comment section featured mixed responses.  Some claimed CNN defamed China and that China isn’t racist.  Some appeared to be targeting Ms Jin and her skin colour and expressed racist attacks, against her and other blacks.  Others defend Ms Jin.  Some argued that discrimination against black in the US is much worse.  Some claimed racism in China is in the minority.  Some called for racism in China to stop.  Some were vicious attacks against Ms Jin’s mother saying Ms Jing’s birth was the result of her mother having an affair.

Racist statements written in English and Chinese include “Black pig, go back to Africa”, “China belongs to the Chinese race”, “Whether China is racist, is none of your Taiwanese’s business.  How would you like it, if we put 100,000 blacks in your capital?”, “Getting rid of black isn’t racist, it’s decreasing illegal immigrant, AIDS and rape cases”, “We got a half black and half Chinese in China’s volleyball team.  We don’t want to see what happen in France, in China, an all-black soccer team”, “Normal people find been mixed race, something shameful, yet Taiwanese wear it with pride”.

With almost 10 comments on each page, around 10 per cent of the comments on the last 27 pages alone have racist implications.

The video was posted on December 25, 2009.


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