Young entrepreneur relishes life on the edge Reply

by Marlyn Awadalla

Young entrepreneur Nathan Aquilina, 23, is changing the concreting industry through strategic thinking, hard work and self-belief.

Nathan was recently featured on the online journal Shoe String Startups where the success of his company Mason Concrete Group was described by editor Mat Beeche as inspiring.

“The fact that someone so young has already built a business that is only six months old and already generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue is extremely impressive,” Mr Beeche says.

Nathan attributes his success to implementing new and innovative strategies to the concreting industry. “A lot of concreting businesses at the moment are achieving a great turnover, but they could be doing more by systemising everything, franchising it and getting other people on board and sharing the profits but achieving more,’’ he says.

He hopes Mason Concrete Group will change concreting within the residential construction market.

“I have some really strong visions for the company and where I want to take it. Being involved in strategic partnerships and alliances with other big companies will create more leads and that’s where I believe I am taking a different path to others,” he says.

Nathan’s innovative franchise model will see him acquire contracts from builders and supply those housing contracts to his franchisees. He has a 10-year vision in place for the company which will incorporate 25 franchisees completing 200 jobs per year and which will ultimately turn over an estimated $100,000,000.

Nathan believes experience and learning are key to the development and success of any business. “It’s important to pass on techniques and to teach and train,” he says. “I go to a lot of seminars, I network with high net worth people and I try and apply what I learn and what’s happening in the market into the concreting space,” Mr Aquilina says of his continuing investment in learning and research.

He is not only business minded but believes in positive thinking and determination. “I think by having a positive attitude I attract what I want so the universe sort of brings me what I need to get there,” he said.

His strategies and vision for Mason Concrete Group come from his desire to have a fulfilling and successful life. “I believe in giving it a go. There is a lot of fear that can creep up but I just push it away and keep believing that I only have one shot and if I don’t try and make a difference I will continue living an ordinary life and I want more,” he says.

His recent business endeavours have been exciting and challenging both financially and personally.

“I love being on edge. If I wasn’t on edge I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I want to push myself and get myself uncomfortable and in unfamiliar zones because that’s what brings success,” he says.

The success of his company is very important to Nathan but he also prides himself on giving back to the community and so five per cent of the company’s revenue goes to charity.

Nathan believes that the key to success is to “develop an attitude that you are unstoppable and really believe in yourself”.

“I’m not afraid of taking risks, you only fail when you say you quit,” he says.

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