An unqualified life coach Reply

Jack Druce

by Nick Whigham

Standup comic Jack Druce is certainly no fan of magicians. Last night at the Matchbox Theatre in Marrickville, the 21-year-old comedian performed his standup routine The Unqualified Life Coach as a part of the Sydney Fringe Festival.

In an exercise of achieving humor through repetition, the young comedian, in seemingly spontaneous bouts of verbal disdain, made clear his feelings of ill-will towards the caped illusionists.

Apart from the magician bashing, the show was an endearing, self-effacing act of how the “insecure” young man has tried to achieve more from his day-to-day life.

Originally from Canada, Jack began his career as winner of the NSW Kick Start comedy competition at the ripe old age of 15. He launched his debut solo at Melbourne Comedy Festival Show in 2009 and provided support for fellow comedians, Adam Hills, Matt Keneally and Tony Woods.

Although a the small crowd turned up for The Unqualified Life Coach, Jack demonstrated his comedy qualifications by competently engaging each crowd member. He grew in confidence throughout the 50-minute show which touched on self-gratification, star wars holograms, his affection for Adelaide, man’s quest for flight and among other things, a clarinet-playing walrus.

Jack joked with the crowd and often employed an improvisational style, at times admitting some of his jokes needed to go “back to the drawing board”.

The Unqualified Life Coach is a quirky and endearingly funny one-man show and highlights how The Sydney Fringe Festival has become an important cultural event for Sydney’s niche artists.

Just don’t mention magicians to Jack Druce.

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