Cemetery art a grave matter Reply

by Amy Cheng 

Caption: Rookwood Cemetery shows that there is more to a cemetery than headstones.

Most people visit cemeteries to mourn loved ones, but Rookwood Cemetery is giving people another reason to visit.

Every year, artists are invited to respond to the site using engaging forms of sculpture. In one work, a dog waits dutifully besides its master’s chair, in another a woman floats in a shed, and another has a man is falling off his horse.

Visitors are taken on a trek through grass and gravel around parts of the cemetery.

“We want to make it less of a taboo thing to visit cemeteries, to bring people back to the site for a reason other than funerals,” said Bethany Allsopp, Marketing and Events Coordinator.

They see historic and fascinating headstones, smell flowers and freshly mowed lawns, and stumble over rocks and branches.

“At 689 acres, the site is the same size as the Sydney CBD,” Ms Allsopp said. “It is a really beautiful site, there’s so much culture and history here.”

In January this year, a call went out to artists asking for submissions. The result is an on-site display of 36 works revealing artists’ responses to the themes surrounding love, death, loss and memory.

The exhibition is open daily, from sunrise to sunset, and runs until October 14th.


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