The Google theme: distorted reproduction Reply

Works in the 6th Google Exhibition, Distorted Reproduction, on display at the Seymour Centre.

by Bridget Kramer 

Each year, interested artists go to the Internet and ‘google’ the same phrase at the same time and create works inspired by the search engine’s results. The theme of this year’s Google Exhibition at the Sydney Fringe Festival is ‘Distorted Reproduction’.

The exhibition is a creation of Enmore’s Hardware Gallery. In June, Hardware Gallery posted the following notice on its website, “Artists: we want you. Sign up for our annual [Google] show.” Artists were given a month to apply, and then another month between viewing the set Google results and submitting their artwork for the exhibition.

The artworks, in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, print, were displayed in the  foyer of the Seymour Centre. All were accompanied by a statement from the artist, as well as a QR code – guests who have this feature activated on their smart phones can scan the QR codes to be directed to the websites that inspired the artworks.

Hardware Gallery planned the 6thGoogle Exhibition to be “one of the most significant exhibitions in this year’s Sydney Fringe program alongside an array of other exciting shows!”


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