What he said, she said about love Reply

Holly Summers-Clarke and Julian Kuo

by Alisha Bhojwani 

Dating can be a tricky business. But how hard can it really be to have a successful relationship in the 21st century?

Sydney-based performers Julian Kuo and Holly Summers-Clarke explored this question in their cabaret He Said, She Said at The Raval in Surry Hills as a part of the Sydney Fringe Festival.

The audience is introduced to two opposite personalities both searching for the same thing – love. The progression of Kuo and Clarke’s relationship is strung together by a range of musical genres and an all-original script. From infatuation to sex, love, jealously and heartbreak, the 60-minute show leaves no subject untouched.

Although Kuo and Summers-Clarke performed as each other’s love interests on stage, the show is not based on their own experiences.

“As 20-somethings, we come into contact with love and heartbreak regularly and as a result we were keen to delve into this further,” Kuo said. “We found the best medium for us to do that was through song and script.”

He Said, She Said is not your classic cabaret act. With no showgirls, elaborate costumes or provocative dance numbers to distract the audience, the duo’s performance relies purely on their wit, story line and lyrics to engage the audience.

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