The ace of cakes stars at Sydney’s first Cake Bake and Sweets Show Reply

By Nicole Parodi

Australian Cake Decorating Competition: This year’s Grand Champion winning cake (Professional Sugar Art Winner) by Jacquie Goldstaiz

Australian Cake Decorating Competition: This year’s Grand Champion winning cake (Professional Sugar Art Winner) by Jacquie Goldstaiz

What is the most delicious food on earth? During his live demonstration of how to make durian and dragon fruit ice cream with liquid nitrogen, celebrity chef Duff Goldman, star of the television show Ace of Cakes, put the question to the audience at the inaugural three-day Sydney Cake Bake and Sweets Show at Sydney Showground in March.

Duff answers the question. “It’s bacon,” he says, earning laughs and cheers of support from the audience.

Duff Goldman was among special guests at the Cake Bake and Sweets Show. Others included Eric Lanlard (Cake Boy UK and Baking Mad), Dan Lepard (Great Australian Bake Off judgeand International Baking Celebrity), Pick Your Poison duo Taryn Mumpower and Robyn Holt (Cupcake Wars), Adriano Zumbo (MasterChef Australia), Nancy Ho (The Great Australian Bake Off)and Nic and Rocco (My Kitchen Rules).

With a different live demonstration every hour on four different stages, there was not a moment to spare in catching glimpses of the professionals at work.

However, the award for most entertaining live demonstration went to Duff Goldman, according to Donna Johnson, mother of two from Parramatta.

“He was hilarious. He knows how to entertain the audience and he was so relaxed and funny. That’s probably why there are a lot of people here. Everybody wants to see him,” she said.

Duff, known for his unusual and daring cakes, had the undivided attention of the crowd when he opened the container of liquid nitrogen.

“I’ve never done this before but if you dump it in hot water, it goes crazy,” he said, preparing to make the durian ice cream.

Resourceful as ever, he overcame the horrendous smell of the durian while extracting the edible flesh from the thorn-covered husk.

“Nothing is good about this fruit but I promised to make it something good,” he told the audience. And he did!

Away from the excitement of the celebrity demos, cake admirers of all ages looked in amazement at the entries for this year’s Australian Cake Decorating Competition.

There were elegant wedding cakes like the mustard yellow and white three-tier cake decorated with yellow roses and white doilies and the mind-boggling novelty cakes such as the My Neighbour Totoro-themed fondant cake.

“These cakes are amazing. I don’t know how they were able to pull it off but they’re obviously really talented,” said Rachel, admiring the marzipan fruit creation by Queensland entrant Jacquie Goldstaiz that won the top award with its attention to detail and realistic depiction of various fruits.

One of the most popular segments at the show were the exclusive workshops where visitors could get hands-on experience with leading cake decorating artists like Sharon Wee, whose workshops on making 3D suspended piping-bag cakes were sell-outs.


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