Artist immersed in the beauty of Maroubra Reply

By Katrina Lezaic

Desanka Aleksovska with her work.

Desanka Aleksovska with her work.

 Maroubra artist Desanka Aleksovska’s exhibition, Once You’re In, focuses on the beauty of nature and the imagery of the rejuvenating ocean bath, Mahon Pool, situated on Maroubra’s northern headland.

The artist has lived in the area for 12 years and says she wanted to express the appreciation she feels for having access to such an idyllic landscape.

“My life is very family orientated and we spend most of our time by the water experiencing the changing mood of the ocean,” she says. “I love the sculptural element of the rocks, but I wanted to convey the beauty of the pool and the way people scatter themselves that reminds me of the Mediterranean.”

She is known for the richness of form she creates in her paintings, her use of bold colours and the delicate play of light and shadow.

“I start by using gestural, impulsive brush work before taking it to a different level with more detail, and I’ve had to accept the fact that I’m pedantic,” she says.

Depicting only brilliant summer days, her latest work celebrates the moments in between, and the transformative energy of the Australian wilderness.

“I’ve thought for years about what I actually want to paint and then I realized that it was right in front of me. It’s actually very simple.”

The exhibition runs from 3 to 7 September at Gallery East, Clovelly.