Beauty In Science: Finding truths in the beauty industry Reply

Lipstick truth in beauty pic

How safe is lipstick? Photograph by Auntie P used under Creative Commons License.

Between products and services, the beauty business is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2012, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s information and advice website Money Smart calculated that Australians spent $8 billion on beauty products and services. As Rose Walker reports, that’s equivalent to every person in the country, including babies, buying almost 16 luxury brand lipsticks a year or getting a whole head of highlights twice in a year at a leading hairdresser, if that’s more your style. And as she reports in the multi-media long-form narrative project, with the amount of money Australians are spending on products and treatments, it pays to know what works and, more importantly, which may be doing more harm than good. She investigates concerns about certain cosmetic problems, labelling restrictions in Australia, what to look for on a label, what it might mean, and the regulations applied to labels and claims. The URL to her site is below:


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