Country Town Crisis Reply

Ice Age pic

Ice Age: a methamphetamine epidemic in Wellington. Photograph by Peter Devlin

After World War II, Australia entered a boom period of growth and prosperity. In rural areas, it was epitomised by the wool industry when the country ‘rode on the sheep’s back’; those who grew the wool came to symbolise and epitomise what it was to be Australian. However, since then a downturn in the fortunes of primary production has seen a corresponding decline in country towns.

Wellington is a small community in the state’s central west. Like many country towns, Wellington is feeling the social and economic pressures of a continued drought, a high welfare dependency and unemployment rate, a methamphetamine epidemic and a dwindling population.

Peter Devlin tells the story of this country town’s decline in this multi-media long-form narrative feature. The link below will take you to his special feature, ‘Country Town Crisis’.

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