It’s a dog’s life Reply

Dogs picFor academic and intellectual reasons, Siam Lim chose to investigate aspects of the pet industry as she was intrigued by the huge amount of money Australians spend on their pets, as indicated by industry and related organisations in surveys and reports. And she was interested for personal reasons — she has had three dogs, five cats, two birds, two rabbits and many fish.

In this detailed multi-media continuous narrative, she looks at how dog owners engage with their pets, what their pets give to them and what they are prepared to do for their pets. It explores the shared experience of owning a dog, whether it is about owners rescuing their dogs or their dogs rescuing them. It looks at how they look after their pet’s welfare and how pet owners’ lifestyles influence the way they bring up their pets. And it looks at how this has an impact on the growth of an industry catering solely to the needs of the four-legged family members of the Australian household. To see Siam Lim’s report ‘Talking about dogs’, go to her URL below:


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