Talking about suicide Reply

Suicide pic

Suicide continues to be leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44, according to the latest ABS report. Photograph by Ryan McGuire, used under Creative Commons Licence

Stigma surrounds suicide and many people are reluctant, or even too fearful, to talk about it, according to Nicole Parodi. Her aim with this narrative project was to inform readers about the impact that mental health, particularly suicide and suicide prevention, has on the Australian community and why research is important to improving suicide prevention strategies. She also wanted to share the perspectives of those bereaved by suicide that are often not included in discussions on suicide and mental health. Her decision to use a multi-media platform for this project was because she believes Internet and social media has shifted the way the audience receives the news and how quickly they receive it. This has new expectations of wanting access to information instantly and accurately. The online landscape has made news interactive as well as opening up opportunities for discussions. The URL to Nicole’s project is below:


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