Glitter, Coffee and Party Reply

By Jana Bohlmann

Morning glory hula hoop by Jana

Happy partygoers starting the day off with some hula hoop fun. Picture by Jana Bohlmann

The room is full of people dressed in bright colors dancing to energising music produced by a live DJ in the middle of Alexandria, Sydney. It is 6.30 in the morning. Glitter sparkles on their faces. On the other side of the room, there is a yoga class while smoothies and coffee are being served. Massages are also on offer. It seems like an odd combination of activities – party and breakfast and meditation practices – but it works. It is Morning Gloryville.

Morning Gloryville was started by Samantha Moyo and Nico Thoemmes in London in 2013 as an early morning dance party for sober partygoers. It ran on weekdays from 6.30-9.30am. Samantha and Nico came up with the concept because they were looking for a way of conscious clubbing, but could not find any parties where they were not surrounded by alcohol and drugs. Since then the event has evolved into a global movement operating in 19 cities worldwide.

Morning Glory by Jana

Have a lovely day is the motto of the party, Picture by Jana Bohlmann

Morning Gloryville took place for the first time in Sydney last year. Ola Moszumanska and June Ross, who fell in love with the movement when they were in London, decided that Sydney was missing a breakfast rave and started putting the event together with the help of their friends, Max Becker and David O’Riordan.

Since then, there have been five parties. Morning Gloryville is colorful and fun, but with coffee and smoothies replacing the usual alcohol and drugs. Dancing, moving and just getting people together in the mornings is the main focus of the event.

David O’Riordan says that it is all about building a community. “We all have to get up in the mornings and this gives us the opportunity to wake up, get energised and have fun with others. It is about bringing people closer together.”

Hula hoops get bodies moving and hearts pumping. Photograph by Jana Bohlmann

Skating the way into a lovely day. Photograph by Jana Bohlmann

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